Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dental Discount Plans - We all know that insurance is an expensive thing to have

Everyone knows that health insurance is expensive, especially for the small business owner and those who are self-employed. The same is true for dental insurance. In response to such costs, many companies are now offering "discount dental plans." Are these so-called "plans" really a good idea to help budget-conscious individuals and families to save money, or are they merely scams? This article will discuss important differences between dental insurance and dental discount plans. Then, various options for researching plans will be discussed. Finally, this article will provide some web sites that you can check out for further review.

We all know that insurance is an expensive thing to have. In tough economic times, it is hard for families to provide their families with all of the insurance they need. For example, now that I have taken on my small business full-time, and given up my teaching position--I had to get new health insurance. In addition, we had to decide as a family what to do about our dental needs. After much research, we decided that a dental discount plan would provide us with cost effective savings without the ongoing cost of dental insurance. But there are important differences between dental insurance and dental discount plans:

* Dental insurance requires a deductible to be met before the company will begin to pay on expenses incurred for dental care. With discount dental plans, there are no deductibles or waiting periods.
* Dental insurance requires a co-pay, while dental discount plans arrange for a set fee for members for each procedure that is often lower than what one would pay by simply walking in the door with no insurance.
* Dental insurance assumes responsibility for payment of expenses charged by the dentist, while dental discount plans make the consumer 100% responsible for paying their bills.

Type "discount dental plans" into a search engine, such as Google, and you will see over 1.39 million hits! Knowing where to look is the key. Many insurance companies, such as Aetna, Cigna, and others--offer dental discount plans in addition to their traditional insurance options. Check with these companies and let them know you are looking for discount dental plans. Another way to find out is to simply ask your dentist. He or she would be able to tell you what plans they work with, and, since most people like their dentist--it makes sense to choose a plan that allows you to keep the same one! Thirdly, ask around. Friends, family members, fellow small business or self-employed persons--all can tell you about how they meet their dental needs. Always make sure that you check out any company sponsoring such plans with the Better Business Bureau. Be aware that the name of the plan may not always be the name of the company who administers the plan!

While there are many options on the internet for discount dental plans, here are some more reliable websites. This comes from many hours of searching the web, looking at various websites. As always, check out ANY company, and don't be afraid to ask questions before you buy. Slow or no response can be a big red flag! In no particular order, here are some helpful links to discount dental plans:

Dental Plans--(dentalplans) Dental Plans.Com offers the largest selection of discount dental plans that I've come across on the web. You type in your zip code and instantly, available plans in your area pop up! Also, we were able to save $40 by using a coupon code (just type in DentalPlans.Com coupon codes) and you'll save as much as we did! Dental Plans also lets you look up providers in your area before you buy!

Finally, check with major insurance providers (both health and dental). Many offer discount dental plans as part of their offerings to consumers.

With a little hard work, research, and persistence, you can find a reputable, reliable, and cost-effective way to receive dental care. And remember the old adage, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" Smile bright!

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